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Re: weed control and herbicides

> Is there another way of getting rid of weeds and
> crabgrass in a large well
> taken care of lawn or garden without using weed killer? I
> do a fair amount
> of landscaping and other than physically pulling them, I
> know of no other
> way. Is this really an accurate comparison to aquariums
> or ponds? Every
> professional gardener or landscaper has weed killer in
> their storage room,
> and I mean everyone. Every little old lady with a rose
> garden and every
> retired gentleman tending his vegatible garden.

I don't.  Since before my first daughter was born, I quit
the stuff, cold turkey and haven't gone back.

I prefer the seasonal dandelions to the more permanent skin
lesions, so to speak.
All that stuff going onto lawns, goes into the ground. 
some breaks up into less harmful stuff; some not.  And
what's in the ground generally goes into the ground water .
. .thirsty yet?

If you're not relying on well water near lawn-covered
neighborhoods, you might not have so much of it in your
water, or it might be filtered out at the processing plant
and then put back in the ground somewhere else.  I don't
think homeowners and their professional gardeners are
putting as much stuff down per acre as your average
agribusiness, but it's still a heck of a lot and there are
an awful lot of lawns.  [Not to mention sidewalks with
cracks].  Chemical weedkillers aren't the only method to
deal with weeds in a landscape anymore than CO2 and 5 wpg
is the only way to grow plants under water, they're just
one of the easiest methods.

Scott H.

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