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Re: Re: weed control and herbicides

>>Chemical weedkillers aren't the only method to
deal with weeds in a landscape anymore than CO2 and 5 wpg is the only way to
grow plants under water, they're just
one of the easiest methods.<<

Then tell me just one method, please! The point is it is not just farmers
using them, it is millions of people. Weed killers whether chemical or
biological are the only logical way of dealing with it particularly in a
large area.

But what I want to know is how do you classify a plant as an aquatic weed?
What is a weed? OK, a weed is a plant. It is a naturaly growing plant in
that area. It most likely flowers...why wouldn't I want that in my pond? Is
a weed simply a weed because it is unwanted, undesirable? Ask the USDA that
question and they will say weeds are invasive plants which could be
introduced plants. What is a weed to you?

To a landscaper a weed is a plant that interferes with the growth and
asthetic value of a garden or lawn. Does that same criteria apply to a pond?

Robert Paul Hudson