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Re: Re:weed control and herbicides

>>You'll see a number of aquatic plant specific herbicides. Hoyer and
do a great deal of research on aquatic plants here.
Farmers are already use to using herbicides for weed problems. Like many
aquarist that use algicides.......<<

Is there another way of getting rid of weeds and crabgrass in a large well
taken care of lawn or garden without using weed killer? I do a fair amount
of landscaping and other than physically pulling them, I know of no other
way. Is this really an accurate comparison to aquariums or ponds? Every
professional gardener or landscaper has weed killer in their storage room,
and I mean everyone. Every little old lady with a rose garden and every
retired gentleman tending his vegatible garden.

My only concern in using it in ponds would be the affect on fish. Personaly,
I wouldn't mind weeds in my pond. I probably wouldn't even be able to
distinguish them.

Robert Paul Hudson
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