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Re: Whose Standards are in the Measures?

Andrew McLeod said:

> I'm 17 and don't even own a tank... yet (except a 5g tank
> with 7 goldfish
> and a corner filter). Now I want to buy a 4'x2'x2'
> all-glass tropical
> freshwater tank, so I need to get a job, even though I'm
> building the
> filters, plumbing and 20gsump.
> I also live in the UK and have no idea whether people use
> Imperial or US
> gallons when they describe tank size.

Good point.  I'd guess that it depends on where folks are
from but I'd guess also that it doesn't matter for most
purposes since people are usually referring to the nominal
and not actual size of the tank.  Differences between
nominal and actual can most often be 5% and sometimes
greater than 10%.  And if you take substrate and airspace
into account, the difference is more like 20% diff between
nominal size and water volume.

For most purposes, that's actually close enough.  What were
you after interms of calculation?

Scott H.

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