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Re: APD Format -- Icy deadlines -- Only Godot is working on single mode

Cynthia Powers, our APD List Mom said, no doubt in a merry

> Y'all can vote until hell freezes over; the APD will not
> be going to an 
> individual-email format. :)  The error handling on a list
> this size is a 
> big mess in the digest format; it would be a nightmare if
> we went to 
> individual emails.
> Sorry, folks.

And she reminded everyone that hasn't looked through the
archives on this issue:

For those who find the format of the APD to be cumbersome,
you can read 
emails as they arrive by going to
A little cut-n-paste and you can reply to individual emails

And don't forget Erik's suggestion of a "burster" to break
up the digests for you as they arrive.

So that ought to settle things until someone new finds APD.
 Maybe a few notes about his on the APD web page would be a
good idea?  It certain'y might cut down some of the

Scott H.

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