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Re: How do they do it?

* From: "Greger Lindstrand" <greglind at algonet_se>
How do ppl. grow Anubias like this?

Mine always turns out like this:

Whats the trick to get spotless Anubias like that?

1. They grow it emersed and stuff it in the tank just before taking the picture.

2. Perhaps less light. Anubias is pretty tolerant of low light. (It slows down to producing one or two leaves a year, however.

3. Perhaps a good crop of ramshorn snails.

4. Perhaps higher levels of iron. I have a vague recollection that green spot algae tends to thrive when iron is low. Also, that new leaf in your picture looks a bit pale.

That is about the worst green spot algae I have ever seen. It reminds me of a picture of terminal acne I saw once in a medical textbook!
Paul Krombholz in well-watered central Mississippi with about 1.4 inches today.