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Re: Seachem Prime

Yellowing, in my experience, is most often due to chronically low levels of nitrate, though other factors may be involved. The slow down in growth could also be attributed to a lack of nitrate. Also, if you have much light, especially PC, VHO, or MH lighting, and are following label recommendations of the Seachem products, my bet would be that you are not adding enough. Could you provide some more details on the size of your tank and the amounts of ferts/traces you're adding?


75 gallons, 130 watts CF lighting, 40 watts fluorescent lighting, 30% water change 1x per week, CO2 injection - 1 bubble per 3 seconds,
KH = 8 dKH
GH = 5 dGH
pH = 7.0-7.2
Nitrate = approximately 8 ppm
Nitrite = 0
Ammonia = 0
I have no idea about iron or potassium - don't own a test for it.

I base this on having approximately 60 gallons of water in the tank with the substrate.

Seachem Flourish (1 mL, 2x per week)
Flourish Trace (approx. 15 mL, 2x per week)
Flourish Nitrogen (approx. 3 mL, 2x per week)
Flourish Potassium (approx. 6 mL, 2x per week)
Flourish Iron (approx 6 mL, 1x per week)
Flourish Tabs, at roots of swords 1 time per 2 months, or Jobes, whatever I have at the time.
Photoperiod is 12 hours.


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