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Re: How do they do it?

Greger Lindstrand wrote:

> How do ppl. grow Anubias like this?
> http://www.algonet.se/~greglind/anubias1.jpg

I saw a large stand of coffeefolia that someone brought into a local store.  
It looked like the plant in this picture.  The leaves were big enough to 
cover the palm of my hand and the plant could fill most of a 30 gallon tank.  
It didn't get sold.  The fishroom manager took it home.

The coffeefolia was from a rift lake tank.   The plant was rooted in a 
blasting grit substrate (still attached to the roots when I saw it) and grown 
under moderate light, The tank had a pH of 8+ and fishfood was the only 
fertilizer.  The plant's leaves were completely algae-free.

I once had some A. nana in a sunlit, unfertilized aquarium with guppies and 
ghost shrimp.  The pH in that tank would get very high during the day.  The 
plant grew slowly, but it's leaves always remained deep green and they never 
showed a spec of algae.  It always looked like a plastic plant straight out 
of the package :)

Roger Miller