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I think I committed a sin.....

My tap water is usually around pH 8 unmodified. If I use that, with just
Amquel, the pH drops off to about neutral over a few weeks with fish. I
recently started using DIY CO2 and the pH seems to have stabilized at 6.0 -
6.2 depending on the time of day. I had the bright idea to use Kent Neutral
Controller 7.0 in an effort to raise the pH a little. After adding 5
teaspoons over the course of an hour, I realized it is loaded with
phosphates. In that lies the sin.....

How would I best stabilize or buffer the pH in the future, assuming I do a
radical water change? I have not yet measured the KH or GH or dissolved CO2.

The CO2 test kit is on the way, and I guess the pH/KH relationship is now
not too valid, due to the phosphates.

Your comments will be much appreciated.

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