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RE: I think I committed a sin.....

Well adding the buffer may not be a sin but it's a huge mistake. But then so was adding CO2 injection without knowing what your kH was. I'm also wondering after reading your message how often you do water changes? From the sounds of your message it's not often or large. What you need to do now is do many smaller water changes 10%, once a day for about two weeks to remove as much of the phosphate buffer in your tank as you can and avoid killing your fish. Then you need to find out what your tap water pH is after it has either been aerated or stood around all night. This will give you the true pH of your tap water. And of course you need to find out what your kH and gH are. If at that time you need to add buffer to your water due to low kH or gH then I suggest the use of calcium carbonate. It will affect both kH and gH and works great.

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