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Re: Worms -- and substrate Oh too much O2?

Scott H said in part:
>Are plants in an equatic environment also adapted to
aerobic substrates?  If they can take it or leave it when
it comes to aerobics, what does it matter?

An aerobic substrate would not harm the plants. Worms,
burrowing snails, substrate heaters and UGFs will promote an
aerobic substrate. Many aquarists have done well with an
aerobic substrate.

But I said this is questionable. Because I prefer an
anaeobic substrate. Why? Denitrification bacteria in a
normal aquarium can only function in an anaerobic
environment, and since the filter is aerobic, the only place
they will function is in an anaerobic substrate. They get
rid of all the excess Nitrogen in the tank (by simple
difusion ref DW) and so prevent algal growth. It does means
that frequent addition of Nitrates is required to keep it in
the 5ppm range. One might say that this is wasteful but I
think its safer.



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