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Re: Lighting question

Jerry I think you have plenty of light. I would check the CO2 level in the
tank (Biowheels can cause some loss of CO2), having a small fish load you
might also run low on nitrates, potassium, phosphates and all the other
goodies that plants like. Are you using any kind of fertilizer? Frequent
water changes also help replenish certain nutrients which the plants use.

Giancarlo Podio

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Hi everyone,

I have a planted 29 gal tank (30l x 12w x 18h) w/ a flourite and gravel
substrate, 2 bio-wheels (no carbon), injected C02 and a couple of mini-pumps
for circulation. Heater is set to 78. Fish seem fine, plants not so fine.
I've been lax in my water changes, but I am making amends. I don't know the
details as far as Nitrites, Nitrates, C02, hardness, etc. I only have 5 very
small fish in the tank. So, I don't think this is an issue. I'll get the
readings over the weekend.

My question is this:

I am using 4 20watt bulbs for lighting. 2 Power-Glo and 2 Aqua-Glo. But, I
am thinking that these may not provide the right light or enough light to
the bottom of the tank. This setup worked fine in a 20 gal long tank. Plenty
of growth and lots of oxygen bubbles. Barely any growth and no bubbles.

I am wiling to either go with different bulbs - cost is not really an issue.
Or upgrading to a PC system.

Any thoughts?