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Re: Lighting question

Jerry Anderson said his plants didn't seem to do as well
with the  4 20watt bulbs for lighting. 2 Power-Glo and 2
 Aqua-Glo that he used to use over a 20 gal.

That 29 gal tank is taller and that might be part of the
problem.  You have  a tank about as deep front to back but
wider side to side and higher.  

If it's a stock sort of hood with magnetic ballasts, those
bulbs are probably a bit underdriven. Not enough to matter
on the shorter tank, but it has more of an effect on the
taller one.

Fert levels too could be an.  See how they test out.  You
to consider, wter conditions, all the ferts including CO2
before laying bucks for more lighting.

Scott H.

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