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Re: Barking up the wrong tree

>>Rachel Sandage thought it a mistake for Robert H to suggest
that Seachem wasn't involved enough with the aquatic
gardening community via web lists like APD.
I can see how what Robert posted looks like that (well, it
does, actually read like that), but I think he meant the
opposite, that he'd like to see more companies behave like
SeaChem.  So I think he meant to be barking up the same
tree as thee  :-)  .<<

Exactly Scott, you are right, that is what I meant, and I thought thats what
I said...isn't that what I said?  "I wish more American companies would
follow Seachems' example and be more involved..."  How can that be
misconstrued? I am confused.  I think MANY companies could follow in their
footsteps and get involved on the internet. I think other companies are
missing the boat. I just hope people here won't be to harsh on companies
that do post here.

So sorry Rachel, I guess I should have worded it better, somehow.

Robert Paul Hudson