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Re: Why CEO's don't come on here

>>What are you talking about?  You've had other CEO's
come on this list in the past and be run off with
pitchforks.  If you want CEO's to come on, you need to
stop attacking them when they do so.<<

There is a strong tendencey within this group to pick apart things,
particularly when someone is touting a specific product, and sometimes it
can become merciless. I think Greg has been more warmly accepted because he
really doesn't post that often, and when he does he is addressing specific
questions about Seachem products. I know he monitors the list and flags
messages reffering to Seachem, and when he does post, he doesn't make big
grandious claims about his product that some one can pick apart.

Would the CEO of Kent get just as warm as a reception? Kent has almost an
identical line of fertlizers to Seachem now. Nitrate, phosphorus,
potassium....would they be able to add anything usefull and thought
provoking to this forum?

I would like to see knowledable people from many manufactures here...
Milwaukee or Pinpoint to address issues of controllers, monitors,
solenoids...but would people jump in to confront them saying.. "Hogwash! You
don't need a pH controller, you don't need a solenoid!" WEll, maybe so, but
for those who like to use them and see their benefit, I would like to hear
the ins and outs of these products from the people who make them.

Manufactueres who would have the toughest time here are those representing a
product that can be instantly labeled as a magic cure all or as someones
favorite label, "Snake oil", or something that challenges the DIY mentality
here. Manufactueres or even online retailers like myself have to step into
the water here very carefully, one toe at a time, because the water can be
very cold here!   I've been here for what, 4 or 5 years now, and I am still
learning how to swim! :)

Robert Paul Hudson
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