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Why CEO's don't come on here

What are you talking about?  You've had other CEO's
come on this list in the past and be run off with
pitchforks.  If you want CEO's to come on, you need to
stop attacking them when they do so.  [Redacted]
  You had a CEO of a competing
product to Greg's come on not long ago and utter one
sentence, and he was immediately accused of
commercialism.  Another CEO came on a year ago, and
immediately some of the elite on this board accused
his comments of being BS, or words to that effect,
even though they had never tried his product.  Gee,
wonder why they never came back? 

>I've always been impressed with the fact that the CEO
>of an aquatic company frequents this list and listens
>to the people who use his products. Your 
>example Greg, to other business men in this field is 
>great.With what we have seen in the past with regards
>to other companies, and how they treat their

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