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Re: Water is the root of all evil

Scott H. wrote:

"JoAnn Van Dersarl noticed that algae, BGA, and related
difficulties of aquatic gardening disappear if move to
waterless aquatic gardening and you choose appropriate

While I bask in the sheer genious of this water-free system, I will point
out to the smarty pants on the list that this indeed is an "Ecological" (if
not somewhat illogical) planted tank solution. While most of you think in
terms of gallons, I am dealing with mere ounces. Sure laugh, but doesn't
your back just ache right about now? My wrist does hurt after lugging that
spray bottle from the sink to the tank every few months, but there's always
a downside....lol!

"This might be the missing chapter from Ecology of the
Planted Aquarium -- Dry gardening.  This can be very low
maintenance until the mold shows up, and the bugs and

Fungus gnats are our friends - or at least MY friends. Scott, you may have
noticed that I go for the disgusting side of the hobby. Yesterday I found
two very large nematodes and was able to observe them hunting and devouring
springtails. These guys actually have eyeballs. What a rush! I'm in denial
about the mold. Whatever it is, it tastes great in a salad :)

I will admit that I'm encountering bugs, but my dry garden is infested with
literally thousands of nematodes (could be the used aquarium gravel I used
for drainage - duh). And I confess my larger nematode buddies made me
question whether or not I want to put my hands in there at all. Yuck. They
don't seem so bad when they're living in water, but this is pretty awful
even for my taste and they don't don't taste very good either by the way ;)

Eat your hearts out....