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Re: "aerial" roots

I don't know, doesn't sound like it by Tom's post. I do however cut the ones
that are too sightly, usually by the time they get very visible and big it's
time to cut things back anyway. So is it terrible for the plant to cut the
aerial roots back as I do? Based on Tom's reply, does that mean that using
an UGF might reduce these aerial roots?

Giancarlo Podio

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Re: "aerial" roots


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Thanks for your easily understood response, Giancarlo.  If I'm interpreting
this correctly, it sounds as though root fertilization might -- big might
there -- reduce the number of "aerial" roots.  I consider some, but not all,
of them to be unsightly.

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> I don't think they are bad (I could be wrong however), I always assumed
> seeing most of the fertilizers and nutrients I add are in the water column
> that the plants were simply rooting where the nutrients were available.
> Same
> goes for when I stick a tab in the substrate the plant will usually grow
> roots all around it, infact when I pull a plant out it usually brings a
> out with it held tightly by the roots. I've also had the slight impression
> that since I have gotten lazy about re-newing the tabs in the substrate
> plants are rooting above the substrate a little more than before. Actually
> I
> have a bulb that is now growing roots vertically out of the substrate and
> straight up into the water column, looks kind of odd.

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