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I had cyanobacteria  twice. For first, when I set up new tank and I put in
tank very early fish and bacterial filtr doesn't work good. And for second
now, when my glosso covered ground in greater layer and bottom layer begun
decay and my filter medium was too dirty. I tried cure this problem with
hydrogen peroxide like before, but after this course cyanobacteria regressed
very soon. I was very angry, becouse Cyanobacteria change environment by own
toxins and my plants grown very slowly. I tried found article by Tom Barr
"how solve problem with cyanobacteria". I right clean my tank, removed lava
rocks, which was covered of green film algae. I clean every plants with
tooth-brush and I tried drained every green fiber of cyanobacteria and do of
50% water change. I clean also every filter medium (ehfimech and
ehfisubstrat), which was very dirty. Next I do exactly what Tom write and
now  5 days after blackout and after next wather change is everythink OK. I
think that is very important solve cause and don't relies only on
pharmaceutical chemicals, becouse something cause violation balance with
tank. Tom thank you.

Jiri Panacek
Czech republic