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Re: Cyanobacteria

Chris Hotte said, in part:

> Cynobacteria is a bacteria. 
You can cal it that but then, it is and odd duck as
bacteria go.

> Treat it as such and you can
> remove it 
> perminantly 
I think you can stop having problems with it but geting it
to go away for ever is like getting the cold virus to stop
showing up.  Some folks almost never get colds but the
bugger is almost always around looking for sweet conditions
to grow.

> Erythromyacin (sp) is the antibiotic that I used to
> eliminate my 
> infestation. 
It will beat back the current crop but won't solve the
problem that allowed it grow in the first place.  Treat
problems not symptoms if you can.  Check your nutirent
balances.  I'll bet K or P is out of whack or needs more.

> You may be able to aquire it more cheaply
> from a vet supply 
> than through a fish store, but you can't get it from a
> vet clinic or a 
> pharmacy without a perscription. I thought that was
> hilarious, I can buy 
> it off the shelf as a product in a fish store, but can't
> get it over the 
> counter from a pharmacy.

These days, some cyanbac will probably remain after eryth
treatments.  Eventually, it's even gonna like the
treatments ;-)

Scott H.

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