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re: Clippard Adapter 15006-3-PKG

>I received the parts for my new CO2 setup however I made a mistake in
>ordering the minimatic adapters 15006-3-NP-PKG instead of the 15006-3-PKG,
>the ones I received are 1/4" NPT (looks like an acme thread) but my
>regulator has a sandard thread.

Per the Clippard hardcopy catalog, both 15006-3 parts have the 1/4-inch NPT
threads on the end.  The "-NP" signifies "Nickel Plated" rather than the
standard brass.  (Note the online catalog is sometimes a bit confusing; here
it only states 1/4 NPT on one of the two parts)

If you are in the USA, I would suggest that the regulator uses NPT -
National Pipe Threads - which is a USA standard.

Suggest you take a close look before you order another part - from anyone.
My regulator came with both a huge hose barb and also a shutoff valve.  I
removed both and found a 1/4-inch NPT female port on the valve itself.

Good luck.

Bob Alston
BobAlston9 at AOL_com