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Slightly off topic

Hello everyone,
I decided to start a very simple marine tank a few weeks ago.
A friend sent me some caulerpa prolifera. The tank is a 55gallon with quartz
sand and a four foot shop light with a growlight bulb and a daylight bulb. I
was trying to avoid the use of a filter to promote the caulerpa to act as a
natural filter. So I don't have a filter yet, just strong aeration.
(Flame shields activated)
The problem is... I have a terrible brown coating of algae covering
everything. I even cleaned the tank completely two weeks ago but the stuff
came back. I have two turbo grazers and a couple of tiny black and white
Can anyone tell me how to get rid of this terrible brown algae?
Perhaps more turbograzer snails?
The brown algae is even choking the caulerpa.
Help! (please)
Paul Jarvis
Assistant Research Scientist
Aquaculture Research Institute
University of Idaho
pjarvis at uidaho_edu

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