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Re: Clippard Adapter 15006-3-PKG

Hi Chuck, The only fitting on the regulator is a ball valve which I removed,
however the thread looks like a standard thread, the adapters I ordered have
a similar pitch but the thread looks like an acme or worm thread to give you
an idea (tips of threads are flat). I tried "hand" tightening it in the
regulator but it only goes in 1 1/2 turns before I can no longer tighten it
by hand. I didn't want to force it with any tools to avoid any damages, I
figured I got the wrong ones. Even the male thread of the ball valve I
removed looks like a standard 60 degree tooth. I'll call Clippard and see if
they can help me understand what I need. I might even be totally wrong,
perhaps the nickel plating made the thread a little tighter to go in but I
want to make sure. I'll contact you off list, thank you for your help.

Giancarlo Podio

----- Original Message -----
Curious. 1/4" NPT is standard pipe thread. The only difference between the
two adaptors you mention is nickel plating. Could your regulator have a
special fitting attached? The reg's I bought from a local air/welding supply
had 11/32" dash-something-or-other hose fittings that I had to remove before
a normal pipe fitting would fit. Maybe something similar is on yours? The
only other thing I can think of is that Clippard mislabeled the package of
adaptors you got.

Anyway, I have an extra adaptor or two floating around you can try, but
they're 1/8" NPT (15006-1), so you'll need a reducing bushing. Contact me
off list.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee