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RE: Blck rigid plastic egg crate

"Any body know where in US, one can get the black rigid plastic grid to put
in back of tank to secure plants to? I have heard at least one person on
this list talk of using it. He didn't mention painting it."

That might have been me. It comes in black plastic, no painting involved. It
is exactly like the white version you can get at Home Depot, just black. I
bought mine from a local plastics supply business. They had to get it from
their Houston store, but it was no big deal to them to get it. I found them
by calling around first to lighting supply businesses and asking for it. One
light shop used it recently in a project and told me where they got it. It
was about $12 for a 2'x4' sheet. Specify the opening size you want, probably
1/2", because there are other sizes.

These guys sell it for $4/SF: http://lifereef.com