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CP for 90 gallon plant tank

Thanks to everyone who has voiced there opinion on the lighting of my tank.
Keep them coming.  It is not I do not want to get into fertilizers/additives
or CO2, I am just afraid I do not have the time or energy to devote to it.
Tom Barr, you say it is easy to supplement and add CO2.  If you care to go
into more depth regarding what exactly to use, how often, how to dose and
how to monitor, please do.  Or if anyone wants to go through a basic easy
plan for a beginner to start a system, feel free.  I know that is probably
asking a lot since you all spend lots of time on your systems and here
talking about them.  I origianlly looked a little into regular fluorescents,
but they seemed to have to be so big and take up so much space in the canopy
to get a decent amount of light.  I also do not know the difference between
T-8 and T-12, etc.  I think I am going to go with the 4 x 55w CP from
AHSupply, but I haven't fully decided yet.