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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V6 #117

> > Hello all.  Could someone help me with the identity of this species?
> > http://members.cox.net/chadsutton/mysteryfish1.jpg
> > http://members.cox.net/chadsutton/mysteryfish2.jpg
>Uh oh. Looks like you have Leptobarbus hoeveni there. Goes under such
>common names as "Siamese Barb", "Siamese Rasbora" and "Mad Barb". Grows up
>to 1 meter long and loses that pretty red color. I have seen some 40 cm
>long specimens in a local public aquarium.

Thank you to all that replied.  I have captured this little bugger with out 
damage to plant or fish and placed him safely in the sump for now.  I know 
better than to purchase on a whim, but I did it anyway.  Quote from the 
fish store, "its a peaceful community fish, feed it with flake 
foods".  They didn't tell me the flake food was for the victims.  Oh well 
luckily no harm done this time, just got to stick to my plan of rainbows. 
It would be wonderful to have a reference device when going to the stores, 
but I hate carrying books.  Anybody know of Palm Pilot type databases to 
help fish and plant fanatics?