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Planted tanks, Saltwater, dosing N, P, K etc

Well, much to my surprise the dosing in SW planted tanks does work.
My Penicillus sprouted new growth in a couple of days,the Caulerpa mexicana
is growing fierce, Acetabularia has bounced right back.

Much of the algae got cooked due to heat on the way home so much of it was
in bad shape. 

I got a good film of diatoms after dosing but wipe this off and it's not
coming back too much thus far.

I attribute this bloom to an unestablished macro algae biomass that I
believe will subside after the macro's get going after being abused.

Macro algae is more sensitive to transplanting.

Seagrasses seem to being doing well. I seem to have lost a red algae but
have a nice one that made it. Ulva seems to be doing well. I that, that'd be
cooked for sure. One species of Halimeda is doing real well but the Udotea
seems hurt. I'll wait and see what comes back from the melt off.

I was expecting more issues with the dosing than I have and considering the
amounts that I put in and the condition of the new tank with half cooked
algae and bunch of it, I'm pleased with the results so far and like some of
the potential aquascapes some of the better growers offer with planted
saltwater tanks.

I have no herbivores at the present time. I'll be getting some shrimps and
maybe some blennies.

Tom Barr