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Re: bubbles per minute

Rich wrote:

>I have finally progressed beyond the DIY CO2 and hooked up a pressurized
>system. I hooked the line up to the needle valve and put the open end into
>the tank. I was getting 60 bubbles per minute. I have the line now connected
>to a Rena Micro Bubbler and have a nice fine mist of bubbles coming out. Is
>60 bubbles per minute the norm. I have a 77g tank.

Bubbles per minute is a relative measure that depends on several variables, 
so a bubble count that works for one person may not work for 
another.  Instead, test the CO2 levels (pH + KH) at the current rate of 
60bpm and then use the bubble count to adjust up or down as needed.  Give 
things time to stabilize before readjusting.  To make sure CO2 is good 
throughout the photoperiod, test once about the time lights come on and 
again about the time they go off.

Micro Bubbler tip:  If you find that large bubbles begin escaping from the 
stone around the rubber ends, seal them off with silicone or epoxy (best 
done by disassembling the stone).
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee