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CP for 90 gallon plant tank

I am looking to light my 90 gallon tank with wooden canopy (48” wide).  I am
pretty sure I am going to go with retrofit compact fluorescents.  I am
hoping to fill the tank with a lot of freshwater plants and fish.  I don’t
plan on getting into the heavy supplementing and CO2 stuff.  There is also a
chance I may make the tank a brackish tank, but probably not salt.  The
three major systems I am looking at are the JBJ retrofit dx-rdx 48” with 4
65watt bulbs (total 260watts),  the AH Supplies retrofit 4 96 watt bulb
(total 384 watts) bright kit (“the beast”), or the Hellolights PC/CF 46.5” 4
96 watt bulbs retro kit (total 384 watts).
	The JBJ comes with 7100K blue bulbs and 10,000K or 6500K bulbs depending on
whom you buy it from.  The cheapest place I found was 239.99 without
	The AH supplies costs 214.99 without shipping and bulbs.  There bulbs are
32.99-36.99 each.  So I can get any type of bulb I want with that.
	The Hellolights is the most expensive at 365.99 and they let you chose any
combination of bulb you want.
	So my questions are:  Which system is the best and why?  Is this too much
light for a 90 gallon?  Should I go smaller?  Which types of bulbs and what
combination do you recommend?  If the back of the canopy is open, would that
much lighting need a cooling fan?