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Re: Green dust/spot

> I have about 3 w/gal of pc on a 125 and can't get rid of this glass algae I
> have. I guess it's green dust, not green spot. I have to clean the glass
> twice a week, that really sucks on a 6 ft tank! Everything I can test for is
> in line, I even tried cranking up the co2 to about 40ppm. The only thing
> that I can say is I don't add any No3 to this tank, because no matter where
> I put it, it stays there. I can keep it at 2ppm or 20ppm and it won't budge
> much. So could the answer to my problem be to much ammonia? Right now the
> no3 is around 4.4. Everything else is normal dosing- po4 2x a week traces 3x
> a week. K 1x a week,  weekly large water changes Does anyone have any
> suggestions?
> Jeff Vamos

Try upping the PO4. Also, immediately after scrubbing the algae, do a 50%
water change or more etc. You can let the dust from the scrub settle a few

The zoopsores in this algae simply reattach and proliferate after you scrub
them off each time. A UV or Diatom can help etc also. Run for 24 hrs after
You need to dislodge them, then remove them........

Try this. I can tell everyone that algae issues are much easier if you
follow a routine/method to the cleaning of the algae.

Scrub & prune FIRST, also use a net to pull out a good amount of the junk,
4" Brine shrimp nets work good for this, then lightly vacuum up the
crud(there's a 1 cent word), then finish up with the big water change etc.

Add nutrients back, add every 3 days there after except for
K2SO4/Dechlorinator/GH/KH additives if used.

If you scrub the glass weekly, that should take care of any build up.
I uproot plants and seldom top and leave a plant if ever. I move the
substrate and reshape the contour if needed in the area at this time also.

I never totally redo a tank unless the algae is bad. I do up to 2/3rds of a
tank's planted area or so.

If you really make an effort to stay on top of the nutrients/CO2 AND the
scrubbing/pruning, the tank will really bloom out nice in 1-3 weeks.
Scrub the glass even if it doesn't need it etc. Any films etc on surface
should be kept very clean and scrubbed.

Then keep up on cleaning the outside of the tank and the filter etc.

Then you work on the designs, ideas for that ADA contest.
I got to catch some fish for mine which will be the big challenge.
I have all the plants.

Tom Barr