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Re: Leggy plants

>Adam Shaw was concerned that the amount of Flourish might be excessive.

>Here's how I came up with it. Basically, I looked at the differentce
>between the beginner and expert doses of the Flouish N and P (funny how
>that same issue came up in the same digest), and then figured that the
>doses listed o the Flourish & Flourish iron bottles were beginner
doses, >and that the ratios would be the same between the beginner and
advanced >doses across the Flourish product line (with the exception of
Excel, which >I use in other tanks exactly at the specified levels). I
know that's a big >assumption (Dr. Morin, can you say if it is a good
one), but that's why I >am using the amounts of F and F iron.

My comment on this would be that Flourish is specified as a 'complete
non-fertilizer *water conditioner*'. I would say that, keeping this in
mind, that there would be little need for dosing 5x the recommended as a
self-guessed 'expert method' of dosing - as would be done with N and P
products. N and P are consumed on a much larger scale than the
micro-nutrients contained within flourish. They are 'trace elements'
only - in eeny weeny proportions. I would have thought that, had
flourish needed to be used to keep certain specific nutrients at a
certain level, then the product would have included an 'expert dose' on
the label. But - yeah, perhaps Dr Morin could say whether your guess was
a good one or not :)

BTW Tom's comments made a lot of sense, and sounded like dang good


Adam Shaw