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re: Proserpinaca in Winter

Thomas Barr wrote:
> Utricularia seems to have the upper hand now with another similar summer
> time species. This one is less bushy, different flower, specialized
> floral pneumatic leaves/peduncle similar to Hottonia inflata. Very
> pretty flower. Not sure what this one's growth form will look like when
> it gets bigger and grows out in the tank.

Are the inflated stems in a wheel around the inflorescence?  If so, it's
U. inflata or U. radiata.  U. inflata seems to be commonly cultivated by
CP enthusiasts, but I am told that U. radiata is an annual and is not
amenable to long-term cultivation.

The new second edition of Donald Schnell's _Carnivorous Plants of the
United States and Canada_ (Timber Press) has a nice chapter on Utricularia
with a key to the species.

Nicholas Plummer
nplummer at duke_edu