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New setup - thanks

Thanks for the input on the new tank setup.  I received a couple of
off-list responses that were helpful as well.

Basically, it seems that I should scrap the idea of mixing anything with
the Seachem Flourite, that I should change my bulbs from 10000k and
Actinic to 6500k, and that I should figure out what to do with my CO2.

I'll take care of the bulbs today, and I'm working on the CO2.

I have a tank and a regulator, but I think I'm going to have to take the
regulator back since it has a hose barb on it and not an NPT connector.
I'm really thinking about the JBJ Regulator, but can't find any decent
information or opinions on it.  There's basically two things I want to
know...  Will it fit my tank (no clue how to tell you what kind of
threads I've got, I'm still figuring stuff out)?  Why is it powered?
Why would you need to power a regulator unless you're using some kind of
sensor to control the power?  In which case, does it only work with a
sensor of some kind (like Sandpoint)?  

Ah well, I'm off to go harrass the local pet store guy again.  He's a
JBJ dealer, maybe he can get some answers out of them.  

Thanks again.