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Re: New setup - thanks

>I have a tank and a regulator, but I think I'm going to have to take the
>regulator back since it has a hose barb on it and not an NPT connector.

It's common for those hose barbs to be adapters that are threaded into an 
NPT connector. You should probably check to see if you can just unscrew the 
barb before returning the whole unit.

>threads I've got, I'm still figuring stuff out)?  Why is it powered?
>Why would you need to power a regulator unless you're using some kind of
>sensor to control the power?  In which case, does it only work with a
>sensor of some kind (like Sandpoint)?

I've never seen a powered regulator. Normally the regulators are basically 
just spring-loaded valve mechanisms (yes I am oversimplifying a bit :-), 
and they don't require any power except for that provided by the pressure 
of the gas. If you have a solenoid valve than *that* would need power, and 
would also need a controller if you want to make use of it.

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