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Re: RO filters

> Subject: RO Filters
> Does anyone know how good an RO filter is at removing Fuel Oil (Kerosene)  My
> well was contaminated by a neighbors leaking fuel tank,  I have been using
> 50lb carbon filters but would like to use RO but I cant find any info on the
> effectiveness of RO on kerosene

I'd check the EPA's site and also call a ground water hydrogeologist. See
what they recommend. This is serious and I would check carefully about this.
Many other considerations come into play here due to your local ground water
table, porous nature of the ground water and confining layers in your local
area's geology. See about getting info from the person that did the
drilling, also check about taking care of the responsible party and the
leaky fuel tank. They should be required to pay for the clean up and you
have a legal right to ask for this.

Not really a plant question and you might try a water group rather than us
for more responses but I would not recommend you try to filter it with some
Hobby filter. See what the heck is really going on and take on the issue.

You might be able to have them put in a barrier to prevent the contaminants
from draining over to your side of the water supply etc or add carbon
removal beds in an arc to prevent contaminated water from entering your
You are also left with the waste water from the RO, extra kerosene rich
water. I think TFC RO's will get eaten up pretty fast. I think carbon is the
better alternative.

Tom Barr