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Hydroctyle sp.

I believe I have the umbellatta version of this plant in my 75 gal. 
aquarium. I collected it from a "bar ditch" in southern Louisiana during a 
business trip.

This plant can grow rapidly, and sends leaves to the surface of my tank 
very quickly. Once the leaves reach the surface, the stem does not stop 
growing, so I wind up with a tangled mess. It seems to prefer a nutrient 
rich substrate, although it grows just fine in my gravel. It also requires 
a LOT of light.

Propagation is by dividing the root system. Once cut, it takes a while for 
the runner to begin growing from the cut end, but uncut ends continue 
almost unabated. Most growth is in a straight line, although occasionally 
the runners will branch.

It is a very nice plant, although probably better suited to a pond than an 
aquarium (IMNTBHO).

Douglas Guynn
dguynn at nwol_net

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