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Bill,Kinney,caven thanks for the help

bill asked  "What kind of plant fertilizer are you using?" I use plant gro 
fertilizer for aquariums. may have added a bit to much. There not very 
specific on how much to use.

kinney asked "Why do you want to adjust the Ph anyway?" I was adjusting my 
ph with a phosphate buffer before I added plants to my aquarium. My tap 
water ph is around 8.2. I am using co2 to keep it lower now I have done 
several water changes with using the buffer and the algae is not slowing 
down. I have also stopped fertilizing to see if that is going to help.  p.s. 
your from maine?

caven, said "I don't know about those goldfish.  Don't they eat
stuff?"  They leave my plants alone for the most part, nibble hear and 
there. That's fine with me.  They did eat a foxtail within 1 day :( I did 
some research on the algae type I think it is Brush algae, and Hair algae. 
"0 nitrates? that's bad" How do I fix this? don't know phosphate levels.

I appreciate all the help,

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