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Re: Crayfish

I can tell you for sure there are at least 2 species
in western Kentucky. I used to be a big fan of hunting
htese when I was a kid. In my experience the ones
found in water where almost always a gray/green color
uniformly. The ones that we found out of water (and
there were lots and lots of them) generally were more
colorful. For some reason, I always thought of the
terrestrial ones (As a kid anyhow) as males. They had
a very variable color and usually had lots of red
markings and occasionally some other colors. They were
quite striking but also meaner (they seemed more
inclined to pinch), the terrestrial ones also seemed
to be bigger. I would love to get some of the dwarfs,
does anyone know a source of these mail order?

Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 07:32:13 EST
From: MStark7789 at aol_com
Subject: Crayfish

   I maintain a 150 gallon aquarium in my shadehouse
in S.Florida and  
some  type of crayfish that I got at the lfs.  I
bought 4 and within a 
disappeared without a trace. I suspected they had been
eaten by the 
About two months later I had left the shadehouse door
open which 
allowed me 
to see the edge of the ground level pool ,also in the
shadehouse. I 
could see 
little orbs
of red light  moving in the darkness. I got a
flashlight and discovered 
red orbs were the crayfish moving along the edge of
the pool. They had 
tunnels along the edge
between the rocks. I captured them and put them back
in the aquarium 
3 days they were back in the pool. They are still
there after 2 years. 
Somehow I'd thought crayfish were totally aquatic. Not
the specie I 
found them climbing
the vines and trees but always in the dark. During the
day they are 
seen but
always in the water during the day.

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