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   I maintain a 150 gallon aquarium in my shadehouse in S.Florida and  added 
some  type of crayfish that I got at the lfs.  I bought 4 and within a week 
disappeared without a trace. I suspected they had been eaten by the African 
About two months later I had left the shadehouse door open which allowed me 
to see the edge of the ground level pool ,also in the shadehouse. I could see 
little orbs
of red light  moving in the darkness. I got a flashlight and discovered the 
red orbs were the crayfish moving along the edge of the pool. They had built 
tunnels along the edge
between the rocks. I captured them and put them back in the aquarium but 
3 days they were back in the pool. They are still there after 2 years. 
Somehow I'd thought crayfish were totally aquatic. Not the specie I have.Ive 
found them climbing
the vines and trees but always in the dark. During the day they are seldom 
seen but
always in the water during the day.

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