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Edible Aquariums

I found this on rec.food.recipes:
From: Luckytrim <Luckytrim at comcast_net>
Subject: Edible Aquarium for Kids
Followup-To: rec.food.cooking, rec.food.recipes
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Edible Aquarium for Kids

1 package (4 serving size) Jello brand
berry blue gelatin flavor
3/4 cup boiling water
1/2 cup cold water
Ice cubes
Gummy fish

Dissolve gelatin completely in boiling water. Combine cold water and ice

cubes to make 1 1/4 cups ice and water. Add to gelatin, stirring until
slightly thickened. Remove any unmelted ice. Refrigerate until slightly
thickened. Pour thickened gelatin into 4 dessert dishes. Suspend gummy
in gelatin. Refrigerate until set, about 1 hour. Makes 4 servings.

Hey, how about using about 4-6x the ingredients and
using a small 2.5g tank as the jello container! And why
not make it a planted aquarium?

For a substrate, layer some grapenuts at the bottom of
the tank, pour a little jello on it and let it solidify before
adding the rest of the jello. You could use cinnamon
sticks as driftwood. For rocks, use your favorite caramel
hard candies. For plants, use small salad leaves, little sprigs
of parsley, chives, and basil, placing it into the gelatin as
it begins to thicken.

For topping, pour some honey into a small green jar
labelled PMDD.

For algae, grab some green food coloring and ....

Hmmm, I wonder if the AGA would create a new
category for edible aquascapes?  :-)

If anyone actually makes this dessert, please post
a picture somewhere! I'll send you a special prize,
the recipe for Kitty Litter cake.  ;-)


Shireen Gonzaga
whimbrel at comcast_net