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re: Chuck G. dosage calculator

Dirk.Matthys at toyota-europe_com asks <<Can anybody tell me if the indicated 
"spoons" are "level" or with a "little heap" on top. It makes a significant 
difference in quantity. ( may be more than different size spoons. >>

Measuring spoons AFAIK are to be leveled, so I assume Chuck's are also. 
Calumet baking powder (not soda) comes with a built-in straight edge on the 
inner lid just for that purpose -- a neat idea. I too have found that 
different spoons have different ideas of what a teaspoon holds (5 mL, no?). 
I even have one set where the tablespoon is marked as 2 teaspoons (makes 
for hot chili).


Jared Weinberger