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Chuck G. dosage calculator

Thanks to this list I have used the PMDD method succesfully so far. Indeed,
adding more fertiliser helps the plants in their competition and I have had
a stable algae free tank for 8 months now. ( except spots on glass, easy to
maintain )

However, there is one thing that bothers me a bit: dosage calculation.
All the references to dosage use accurate amount like gram etc... or spoons
. Unfortunately I do not have an precision scale.
So I am using the teespoon en tablespoon quantities as indicated on for
example Chuck Gadd's calculator ( works like a charm )

Can anybody tell me if the indicated "spoons" are "level" or with a "little
heap" on top. It makes a significant difference in quantity. ( may be more
than different size spoons.

Any reply would be appreciated to fine tune my dosing.

suisoman Dirk