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Good LFS/LPS in Atlanta???

Hi Maggie,

Yes, Petland is still good!  It is in the parking lot with Home Depot and
Target (across street from Wal-Mart) on State Bridge Road.  It is just
before the intersection of State Bridge and Medlock Bridge if you are coming
from Duluth.  It is right on the line between Duluth and Alpharetta.  They
have a couple of very nice and knowledgeable plant guys there. They always
stock SAE's, ottos and Amano shrimp and have a really nice plant selection.

Fish Store and More is in Buckhead and was good at one time but I haven't
been there in a long time. Dave Grim can jump in on that one, he goes there

Aquarium Showcase in Alpharetta (off Hwy 9 as I recall) has some incredible
tanks and nice saltwater selection.  They also carry a wide selection of
books and high end equipment.  The plant selection is pretty limited.