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Re: Using Pythons in planted tanks -- or - Dealing with a snakein the glass

I once flooded the kitchen and part of the way into the dining room. Usually
the sink could handle it. But I made one critical error, I'd forgotten to
run the garbage disposal.

Imagine my shock when I went into the kitchen to switch from drain to fill
only to find the counters and sink acting like Niagra Falls! Funny thing is
I used the very tool that caused it to suck up most of the water.  The
carpet in the dining room had to be peeled back so it could dry. What a
mess. Fortunately the husband had the "accidents happen" viewpoint.


S. Hieber warns:
> while most drains are probably adequate to remove water as
> quickly as it comes form the faucet, some are cannot let
> the water out as quickly as it comes from the faucet *and*
> the tank.