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Re: PMDD Formula ? Good stuff to grow with -- or

Enough is enough and I am fed up and I do mean really fed up.

Correct me if wrong ... the Rex's and Roger's learned from this list
before they espoused their particular smartness?

Asking a useful scientific question are always asked by the confused.
The confused and frustrated are responsible for all of the great
scientific discovery's and advances that allow you to live without
smallpox, polio and milk without foot and mouth desease.

The person that asked the original quite simple and direct question
deserves an answer.  Remember if you can ... 300ml before or after PMDD

What I am really fed up with is a depth of knowledge that chooses to
admonish instead of answering.

My bottom line is the only thing I have learned from either of you is to
fear posting with a sincere and honest question.

I couldn't be more honest and true,

sharonfrey at earthlink_net