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Intel QX3 Microscope for [Redacted]

I think Tom Barr and others here have mentioned the Intel QX3 
microscope as being a good option for those of us who want to see 
what our eyes alone can't. Well, sob! I use a Mac and have been 
drooling over the QX3 for months wishing they would come out with a 
mac version. Anyway, today I picked up a used QX3 that looks to be in 
good condition. Looks used but not abused. The only problem is that 
there is no installation software with it, so it may have to be 
ordered from Intel 
(http://www.intel.com/support/intelplay/spareparts.htm) for about $3. 
This is the original model and not the "+" model described on Intel's 
web site. No accessories are included, but you could either order 
slides from Intel or pick them up at a science supply place. 
Magnifies up to 200X. I was thinking of someone (anyone?) on this 
list when I found this thing and feeling pretty left out on the way 
home,but if interested shoot me a bid off-list. It's a Win USB model.

[Redacted]. Shipping should 
run $5. I have no idea what this thing is worth, especially in light 
of the fact that it needs software. Highest offer by Sat. 1/11 gets 
it. I'll send an email to the high bidder Sunday. Factor shipping in 
your bid please. *If it doesn't work after you receive it, let me 
know within 30 days and I'll send your money and shipping charge back 
(refunds ARE an option). If interested, please bid off-list so noone 
gets cranky.

FYI - http://www.carolina.com is taking preorders for a new Mac QX3 
microscope. Waaaa! I got mine! Don't base your bid on the price 
through that link, as I think the old QX3's for windows can be had at 
much lower prices, than this new mac model.

JoAnn - profusely apologizing for being so wordy, but microscopes thrill me ;)