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Re: Intel QX3 Microscope for defense fund!

JoAnn VanDersarl spoke of an intel Qx3 microscope for sale
the fund but it needed software.

I'm pretty sure that you can download the software for free
from the Intel Play support site at:


[enter all on one line in your browser]

The "upgrade" is actually the full installation package. 
In fact, if you have an older version of the software
installed, you have to uninstall it before you can install
the "update."

This applies to the Windows software.

I'm surprised that a Mac version has newly come out since
Intel supposedly has stopped making the QX3 altogether, as
listed on their web site page:


Intel wasn't so much interested in being in the toy
business as showing off what its chips could be used to do 
-- and so they are moving on.

But don't let that stop you if you think you're interested
-- it's a great item and the software if free.

I already bought four or I would bid myself ;-)

If you don't want to bid, you can make a donation to the
fund anyway ;-)

Scott H.

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