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Thomas Barr wrote a great response to Diegos maintenance routine for a 65 gallon tank. I was wondering how much the dosage would change for a 75 gallon show tank I set up 3 weeks ago. I set up with 3 inches sand (80lb bag and 40 lbs of flourite). The tank was set up and running for about 2 weeks while I got my equipment together. I added 5 small tetras and 4 algae eaters. I have 2 - 48" flourescent tubes, one 10,000k an the other is 7500k (I believe). I have an outside aquaclear 500 filter and a visotherm heater rated up to 100 gallon tank. Added a CO2 high pressure system from a left coast list member. I purchased the starter plant mix from a regular posting company on the list and they seem to be taking off well. I have had the plants 10 days and I see roots establishing and new leaf growth. I would like to know about proper fertilizing and recommended water changes.


Jim Barbour

Diego wrote:

"The problem is i live in Colombia (not Columbia), and is hard to get
any test kits, the only thing comonly available is a wardley amonnia
indicator. Based on pure observation i know things could go better. I
have a 65 gallon tank with CO2 and plants only pearl when i do a water
change and add certain amount of LFS fertilizer."

Thomas Barr wrote:
For the 65 gallon tank:

Add the following:

1/2 teaspoon of KNO3 dry powder 2-3x a week.
Add the trace mix 2-3x a week(about 2-3x what the recommended amount is on the
bottle likely about 10mls).
Add more CO2.
Add some MgSO4, Epsom salt(about 1/4 teaspoon) after a weekly water change(50%
of the tank's volume). Add some CaCO3(about 1/4 teaspoon)after the tank's
water change.
Add 1/2-3/4 teaspoon of K2SO4 after the water change.
Having more KH/GH will not hurt, having too little will.
CO2 is based on the fish and pearling.

By doing the 50% weekly water changes, the NO3, Traces etc will NOT build up.
Essentially you will re set the the tank each week with fresh nutrients.

Add the above KNO3 will give you about an extra 7ppm of NO3 each dosing(I
assume about 2-4ppm of NO3 uptake per day) so after 3 days or so, another dose
will bring it back up to the 5-10ppm range.

The water change at the end of the week will account for any dosing errors etc
that you make durning the week.

This method is quite accurate, to within about 1ppm of NO3, K, etc.