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Re: Ladybugs and Japanese Beetles

Ladybugs are small beneficial beetles.  There are many species. Typical ones 
are smaller than a pencil eraser with bright orange or red backs with two or 
more black spots.  They are valued as eaters of smaller insects such as 
aphids.  I don't believe they bite anything larger than aphids, although if 
in the middle of the night you feel one crawling on your stomach you might 
react as if it did.

There is only one species of Japanese Beetle.  The adults are about 3/8 inch 
by 1/4 inch in size, with a metallic green color.  They and their larva are 
voracious eaters of plant leaves and roots, but I doubt that they bite 
anything except those things.

Ladybugs are the official insect (or bug) of six states and are held in high 
esteem by farmers and gardeners.  Japanese beetles are despised by those same 

To address the original question:  Those tiny things may be "thrips," of 
which there are over 6,000 species, almost all tiny.  They eat vegetable 
matter and are eaten by anything that can get at them.  Harmless.  I've had 
them - they come and go every few years.

And, ladybugs are a major predator of thrips!