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13 watt power compact ballasts and 6500 K bulbs

A friend of mine has a bunch of 13 watt power compact ballasts with 6500 k 
bulbs. He was going to put the whole lot on ebay to avoid having to send out 
a number of individual packages.  I asked if I could offer them here and 
label the packages myself. He wants $14.00 for a ballast and a 13 w 6500k 
bulb. He says he's just trying to get rid of these as they were a backordered 
item and he forgot about them coming in until it was too late. I doubt he's 
just giving these away as he is a big wheeler and dealer. The ballasts say 
"simple reactance ballast" and are about 1 1/2" by 2" and about 1" thick. 
That's about all I know except that each have been tested and all have worked 
fine without any problems. Anyway, I looked on the net and I think it looks 
like its a good offer but I'll let the list decide on the validity of that 
statement. If you are interested please email me off list. 
Why would I do this? Well, I am extremely thankful to everybody on the list 
for helping me create a great tank without ever killing my enthusiasm. 
I hope this is a good offer and not an infomercial...UGH...
Of course I do not recommend that you install these yourself and that a 
listened electrician do all the work.